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Himalayan School of Zen is glad to present you our book!

"Thai Yoga MASSAGE"

In it you will find information on:

  • On the system of five elements and its interaction in the human body.
  • A detailed description of the 14 meridians and acupressure 70 points.
  • 108 forms of massage with photographs and recommendations for implementation, as well as information about the benefits of each one.

108 pages. and more than 100 color illustrations. The book is available in Russian and English languages.




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cost of 1 500 rubles (excluding delivery) 



These books will help you in the study of traditional Chinese medicine, improving the skills of massage and acupressure.


Books are available for download from the link [здесь]
1. Belousov P. In the. -Chinese chzhen'czju point Acupunctural therapy. (PDF, 129 MB)
This book has been compiled by translating teaching materials of institutes of higher education of Chinese medicine CHINA using reference books and materials online sites in Chinese.
The book contains a detailed description of the channel and vnekanal'nyh points provides the etymology of their names, as well as options for combining points from ancient written sources.
The book is written in easily accessible language and contains a large amount of previously non-published information in Russian.

2. Medvedev, Medvedev. -25 magic points to control the psyche and health maintenance. (PDF, 1.65 MB)
Very simple and easy to study the book. Thanks to this book, use the basic acupressure points in the body, everyone!

3. Mantek Chia-CHI-TSANG. Massage of internal organs. 1 and 2. (DOC, 1.27 MB + 1.73 MB)
Chinese medicine stresses the need to bring into balance the various body systems and overall strengthening of the body, resulting in a recovery occurs automatically. Massage of internal organs is one of the tools that can help you achieve this balance.

4. A. Ovechkin -Basics of Zhen-Tszyu therapy. (DJVU, 5.93 MB)
In this book, the author on the basis of data from an extensive domestic and foreign literature and the personal experience outlines the theory and practice of traditional Chinese medicine. Focuses on the problem of differential diagnosis and individualizing treatment of acupuncture and moxibustion. The book is intended for doctors-lechebnikov all professions working in the field of reflexology.

5. Training course of reflexology-reflexology. A practical manual containing detailed and full-color illustrations showing how the influence on human bodies through reflex zones.

As well as useful resources:


The site is dedicated to promoting the treatment of various diseases by acupuncture and acupuncture by using the device "Jeledia"
Has a very user-friendly Atlas akuppunturnyh points! Easy search by name of the disease, symptoms, names points.

Site Of The Centre Of Tibetan Medicine. A very good library and media library, a huge amount of useful information.



Portal of Self-knowledge-training guide.


You can download our selection of music with lessons on massage [здесь]