India, Rishikesh



from 10 of October 2018 to 10 of April 2019




Date: you can begin on any one of the Mondays, starting from the 10th of October till the 10th of April

Duration: of 1, 2, 3 or 5 weeks (starts every monday)

Time class: 3 hours every day  from 3.00 pm till 6.00 pm (sunday is a day off)

Address: Himalayan Guest House, Swarg Ashram, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand 249304, India

Certificate issued!



If someone asks you, “What is satori?”

It’s not worth opening the mouth.

Give that person Thai-yoga massage;

Then, the spring breeze will blow

and the white cherry petals will burst into flowers.


Thai-yoga massage releases tension in the body as well as it helps balance out the energy. The mind becomes calm and lucid.  And then, our true nature will come to light, which is pure without any conditions.

We use techniques of Thai massage  and Japanese Shiatsu. Developed for people practicing yoga.

Thai-Yoga massage is a path to enlightenment through touch and meditation. According to orient doctrine, the living  energy of Qi is moving inside the body through specific channels, along the nerves, the blood vessels and lymphatic pathways. The infringement of free movements shows up as the main cause of any diseases.



By the techniques of pressing, stretching and twisting, the elimination of muscle dysfunction is provided. Its elasticity and operability grows up. This way the free moving energy inside the body restors. This way not only the disease itself, but also the cause of it disappears.


By the end of the course you will be able to do the full body massage duration more then 3  hours.

You will cure yourself and be able to do healing treatments for others!

  • to perform previously  inaccessible asanas;
  • release lower back and neck pain;
  • cure knees, open hips, etc.


RISHIKESH – is a capital of yoga.



  • 108 thai-yoga massage forms;
  • 14 energy meridians;
  • Zen meditation;
  • Koans and dokusan;
  • Introduction to the Chinese theory of five elements – “Wuxing”;
  • Gymnastics Qi-Gong, the opening of channels of energy management techniques;


We use the techniques of Thai massage and manual therapy. We use methods of Chinese medicine – that has effect on the points of energy channels in the body.

The physical effort is not required. It is done without the use of oil.



  1. Relaxing of legs, pelvis, lower back in the spine position (stimulating meridians of the kidneys, bladder, liver, gal bladder, stomach)
  2. Relaxing  of the legs muscles, pelvis and lower back in the prone position (stimulating kidneys and bladder meridians)
  3.  Working with PSOAS muscles
  4.  Massage for back (stimulate bladder, intestine, lungs and heart meridians)
  5. Massage for hands (stimulate intestine, heart, pericardium, lungs, triple heater meridians)
  6.  Massage for neck and head (stimulate the meridians of the stomach, gall bladder, bladder, anterior middle and middle meridians)


You will be given a certificate!


We have for you our book “Thai-yoga massage. 108 forms” (Swami Prem Adeh).

You will find information:

  • About the system of five elements and its interaction in the human body.
  • A detailed description of the 14 meridians and acupressure 70 points.
  • 108 forms of massage with photographs and recommendations for implementation, as well as information about the benefits of each one.

82 pages. and more than 100 color illustrations. The book is available in Russian and English languages.



Prices of the courses
You can  choose your course!

1 week course – 100$
Sertificate of completion of “Thai Yoga Massage 108 forms” course 18 hours

2 week course – 200$
Sertificate of completion of “Thai Yoga Massage 108 forms” course 36 hours

3 week course “Specialist” – 300$
Sertificate of Specialist of “Thai Yoga Massage 108 forms” course 54 hours

5 week course “Master” – 400$
Sertificate of Master of “Thai Yoga Massage 108 forms” course 90 hours



Just contact us and get your personal discount!


Join us, sign up for a course. Prepayment 100$

Available places are limited


+91 78953 20437 (call, whatsapp)

Not includes: accomodation, meal, transfers, flight

We are not guarantee for place at course for you without prepayment.  Available places are limited.


Medical contraindication to Thai massage therapy 

– In case of serious cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure;

– Oncological diseases;

– Osteoporosis;

– If prostheses (e.g., hip or knee joints);

– Skin disorders: eczema, psoriasis, shingles (not to massage the affected area);

– During pregnancy;

– Avoid too much massage for varicose veins.