India, Rishikesh


Adam and Carlos



Kono Mono, USA:

Swami Prem Adeh is a unique human being. He is bursting with such energy and enthusiasm for his healing art, of which he is very proficient and knowledgeable, that as a student, one cannot but help to joyfully immerse oneself; Heart, Hands, Feet, and breath within the meditative healing world that Swami strives to share with us. As his student, my perception and understanding of the spiritual path has been vastly enhanced, and I am ever thankful to be reminded by Swami that with correct awareness, movement and breath; every part of the human Soul can and should receive this healing spiritual touch.
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Or Caduri, Israel:

I have done a 3 month Thai massage course in Dharmsala. I was learning so much that i even stayed 3 more extra weeks, to continue to learn from Swami Prem Adeh as much as i could. He is very experienced and underdstands the body in an amazing way, and he even helped me to heal a back problem that i had for months!. Since finishing the course I have been treating several people and had a great response. This is a great massage system that can can even treat body problems, and bring relief to people with tense muscles. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to understand the body better, and have the skill to heal himself and others.
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Chuck Lazaro Hipol, Philippines:

“Swami Prem Adeh is a powerful practitioner and a humble-hearted teacher gifted with precise hands and fingers. His highly practical methods of Thai-Yoga Massage and Reflexology are both modalities and moving meditations to weave and wield energy for the healing of the body “




Hadas Cohen:

I did 3 weeks course of shiatsu with Sasha. From the first lesson I had a great feeling and I knew I did the right choice when I decided to come. The shiatsu is a great way to heal, very natural and relaxing. Whenever I finish to do shiatsu treatment I feel much more energies than before, Which is a big mystery by itself.
I felt that Sasha is giving us the students much more than just the knowledge of how to do shiatsu. I felt connected to myself and to bigger intelligence, which made me feel well being and confident.
I recommend for every person on this earth plant to try the magic of this technic along the journey with Sasha “”



Alexey Dmitrenko, Austria:

I was very happy to be part of the group at the Thai Yoga massage and be able to learn directly from the master. To see his hands work and learning by doing was an incredible experience of getting to know his method. Very recommendable to those who would like expand their knowledge of massages as well as to beginners.