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Himalayan Zen School is on the banks of the Ganges River. Founded in  the Himalayas in Rishikesh (India) in 2004.


Certification courses Thai-yoga massage and meditation with Swami Prem Adeh.


Why ability to do Thai yoga massage make you happy person

* ThaiYoga massage is the most popular style of massage currently in the world. Learning is easy and fast-paced, and execution is simple, fun and creative. You can use your hands, elbows, knees, feet and even buttocks. If you’re light and subtle, you would still be able to act upon tight and heavy bodies.


*Being deeply engaged in massage, your mind becomes concentrated, calm and equanimous.


* TYM is like the art and mystery of dance in which your entire body stretches, twists and swings becoming flexible and strong.


*Equally engaging all your muscles including the heart, breathing in the right pattern, you always remain healthy.

*As a healthy, wholesome massage giver, you will cure others from physical disorders such as back and neck pain, knee joint ache, stress, anxiety and depression.

*You will gain many grateful friends and establish strong relations with interesting people and faithful influencers. As TYM expert, you will find work anywhere in the world – Goa, Bali, the Seychelles, Ibiza and so on.

*Thai Yoga Massage is the path of giving love and be loved.

*This is the next level of yoga


You will be able to do the professional full body massage duration more then 2 hours!


You will receive a International certificate from the Himalayan Zen School.


Thai massage is becoming one of the most popular types of massage in the world and very  appreciated. For example, in Europe 1-1.5 hour massage session costs around 90 euro.    You will have a new profession!


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On our course you will improve your health. Learn how to cure many diseases.   




About us

About Master

Teacher: Swami Prem Adeh. He  lives  and works  in India 20 years,  12 years leads the Himalayan Zen School in Rishikesh.

  • Swami Prem Adeh was born in Moscow (Russia) in 1966.
  • Prem Adeh started his practice in 1988 at the age of 22 years received initiation from Swami Maha Vishnu and studied the «expanded consciousness» meditation.
  • In 1994 he was graduated from the History Faculty of the State University.
  • Being a big businessman, at 30 years old leaves a business and went to India.
  • In 1999 he graduated from the 600 hour massage course Osho Divine Healing Arts (shiatsu and reflexology).
  • Since then, He always adds his knowledge and exploring a variety of massages: Chi Nei Tsang (internal organs massage), Thai massage, Practice HORA, acupressure,  soft manipulation,  and also postisometric relaxation, Iyengar yoga.
  • From 2000 to 2003 - He becomes Christian ascetic and retreats for two years in the Tien Shan mountains, practicing Hesychasm (from Greek "repose, silence.").
  • In 2004 he leaves in Zen monastery in France. He gets a blessing to teach Zazen from Katya Koren Robel, President Soto Zen Buddhist Association.
  • Since 2005 Teaches Zen meditation and Certification Course Thai-yoga massage in Rishikesh, from 2016 - in Dharamsala.

You can take course of  INDIVIDUAL HEALING MASSAGE SESSIONS from Master Swami prem Adeh!

Just, contact us by phone +91 844 505 83 87 or mail himalayanzen@gmail.com

About massage

About massage

We use techniques of Thai massage  and Japanese Shiatsu. Developed for people practicing yoga.

Thai-Yoga massage is a path to enlightenment through touch and meditation.

According to orient doctrine, the living  energy of Qi is moving inside the body through specific channels, along the nerves,

the blood vessels and lymphatic pathways. The infringement of free movements shows up as the main cause of any diseases.

By the techniques of pressing, stretching and twisting, the elimination of muscle dysfunction is provided. Its elasticity and operability grows up. This way the free moving energy inside the body restors. This way not only the disease itself, but also the cause of it disappears.



Massage "Thai-Yoga" was developed by Swami Prem Adeh based on the ancient Chinese learning and technique "Anma", method of Thai massage and shiatsu for people who is practicing yoga.


On the streets of ancient China 5,000 years ago, blind people used to earn money doing massage. Due to the special sensitivity of their fingers, the blind masseurs were appreciated and famous in the whole East. They called this method of healing- "Anma", which in Chinese means "sedation by hand."         During the millennia "Anma" has become а special philosophy of healing by acupressure and acupuncture. According to the teachings the vital energy moves through particular energy channels in the body. Hinderence of the free movement of energy becomes a cause of any disease. Master affects points of energy channels, restores free energy flow and removes the disease and its causes.         In the Middle Ages, "Anma" has spread in almost all East Asian countries. But particular popularity this method of massage got in Japan among Zen Buddhist monks. Also it was used for the rapid preparation of soldiers for battle. During the 20-minute session, warrior reached the deep relaxation, and at the same time acquired the energy and vitality. In the middle of the 20th century Shiatsu massage, which was based on technique "Amna", became quite famous not only on the East but also on the West.        


 (Jap. "Shiatsu" from "shi" - а finger, "atsu" - pressing) affects acupuncture points. Founder, Tokuiro Namikoshi (Tokujiro Namikoshi), discovered his talent of healing at the age of seven. His mother suffered from rheumatoid arthritis and Tokuiro massaged her daily. Gradually he learned intuitively to stimulate the desired points, and as а result he completely cured his mother.     Namikoshi's success in the west got him to cure Marilyn Monroe. During а trip to Japan, the movie star got an intestinal infection and did not get help from doctors of traditional medicine. Then she went to the shiatsu clinic . Namikoshi cured actress, after which he was invited to teach the technique in the United States. Many famous persons were among the patients of Tokuiro Namikoshi, such as Japanese Prime Minister Shigeru Yoshida and boxer Muhammad Ali.  

Thai massage 

- system, which was developed by Jivaka Komarabhacca. About 2500 years ago he was a physician and a friend of Buddha. Dr. Jivaka is revered still in Thailand as the "father of Thai-medicine". At first the original texts of the massage are known as religious. It used to be practiced by the monks in the temples for medical purposes, who did not permit women to do it.     Thai healing system contains in the correct distribution of energy in the body. Pressing techniques, stretching and twisting eliminate dysfunction of the muscles, improve their elasticity and performance.        

Thai-Yoga massage

is specially designed for people practicing yoga. Master brings the energies into balance, remove the mental stress, leaving the mind completely im mersed in serene state, and thereby help the people to clearly see their true nature, which is originally pure. «Thai-Yoga» - the perfect anti-stress treatment helps to remove the fears of birth trauma, and repressed emotions. The method is recommended for the treatment of back pain, joint pain, hypertension, poor circulation, vascular dystonia, digestive system disease, kidney disease, impotence, chronic prostatitis, infertility, etc.   thai_massage_shiatsu_zen_yoga_zen_meditation1_premadeh4  

Thai-yoga massage releases tension in the body as well as it helps balance out the energy.

The mind becomes calm and lucid.

And then, our true nature will come to light, which is pure without any conditions.




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